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The Marriage Ceremony

Weddings By Request - Gayle Dean - Marriage Celebrant Marriage Ceremony

When you marry outdoors, the natural beauty of the surroundings ensures a magical and romantic backdrop for your Ceremony. Together we will create a unique and unforgettable Marriage Ceremony. This is your special day and your wishes and desires can all be fulfilled. Your Wedding can be as lavish or as simple as you desire. You may include your choice of vows, readings, blessings, music or symbolic ceremonies such as Lighting of The Unity Candle, Butterfly Releases or Blending of the Sands, which is a great idea if you would like to include friends and family in your Ceremony.

Renewal of Vows

Weddings By Request - Gayle Dean - Marriage Celebrant Renewal Of Vows

There are many reasons why couples choose to renew their vows, often a special anniversary is reason to celebrate your love and commitment to each other by renewing your vows, and can also give an opportunity to involve your children and even your grand children into your ceremony. It is not a legal ceremony, but a reflection on what you already share and also your hopes and dreams for your future. A Renewal of Vows confirms your commitment to your partner. A Renewal of Vows Ceremony can also be an ideal way to celebrate your union with your friends and family, if you have been married without the opportunity of having them present.
(Perhaps you were married overseas or even interstate.)

Commitment Ceremony

Weddings By Request - Gayle Dean - Marriage Celebrant Commitment Ceremony

This Ceremony is not a legal ceremony, but allows couples, who are unable to marry due to legal reasons, the opportunity to declare their love, dedication, and commitment to each other.
The Ceremony follows a similar format to the Marriage Ceremony by exchanging vows, giving of rings and pledging your love and commitment to each other in front of friends and family. There are no age barriers and this ceremony is well suited to same sex unions.

Giving of Name Ceremony

Weddings By Request - Gayle Dean - Marriage Celebrant Giving Of Name Ceremony

A new baby is a celebration of life, and having a Name Giving Ceremony is a delightful way for parents to introduce their child to family and friends in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Some children are named shortly after birth, or often on the anniversary of their birth. Some parents choose to name other children in the family at the same time. Readings and Vows can be made by Parents and God Parents and you may also like to include activities such as lighting of Candles, Planting of trees or release of balloons. A ceremony may also be chosen to signify a change of name for an adult. Naming Certificates are presented to the newly named child or person.



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